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Insurance Company Liaison

With J&D Benefits’ comprehensive administrative services, you’re free to focus on your business, not your benefit program.

All of our clients are assigned a specific customer service representative that services their account exclusively. Our service representatives coordinate your benefit program with your HR department, payroll, employees and insurance carriers.

All you have to do is submit your current employee data and any changes on a monthly basis. This personal service and flexibility is what sets J&D Benefits apart from traditional insurance companies or other consultants and brokerages.

Our Group Administrative Services include:

  • Wellness Account administration
  • Spending Account administration
  • Flexible Benefit programs
  • Customized wallet cards
  • Employee statements
  • Continuous review of employee perception and inquiry trends
  • Hour Banking
  • Single J&D Enrolment Form

With our comprehensive administrative system, we can provide monthly billings customized to your specific needs, including transactional reports outlining changes and payroll reports for employee deductions and taxable benefit listings. We provide billings by divisional basis (i.e., executives, management, etc.) or by province or profit centre. We can even combine numerous divisions and classes within one billing, benefiting your company’s needs and requirements.

And no matter how many insurance carriers you use, you’ll only need to enroll once, and you’ll receive one monthly bill – simplifying your benefit administration and easing the burden on your HR department and payroll departments.

J&D Benefits handles all claims questions in a professional, confidential manner. In the event that a claim is incorrectly paid or an employee doesn’t understand the payment received, our bilingual call centre welcomes all inquiries.

All of our services, from claims administration to consulting, are under one roof, so you can always be assured of receiving an accurate and quick response. We can quickly assess the issues most important to your staff and keep you informed. Our flexibility and comprehensive services are focused on benefiting your future, from your company to your employees.